Name Challenge

Alexa Brown

I created a fun challenge for you this week!  You need to spell your name and complete each exercise that is associated with the letter of your name.  You get lucky if you have short name!  Ha!  You can also add to your challenge by spelling your middle name and/or last name each day.  It is completely up to you and you can change it up every day if you want to.  Have so much fun!

A: 5o jumping jacks

B: 40 squats

C: 1 minute wall sit

D: 15 burpees

E: 20 crunches

F: 40 mountain climbers

G: 90 second plank

H: 10 burpees

I: 3 minute wall sit

J: 50 bicep curls

K: 1/2 mile run

L: 15 push-ups

M: 10 crunches

N: 15 squats

O: 60 second arm circles

P: 30 jumping jacks

Q: 20 burpees

R: 10 push-ups

S: 10 tricep push-ups

T: 60 second plank

U: 30 crunches

V: 90 second arm circles

W: 50 mountain climbers

X: 20 tricep dips

Y: 1/4 mile run

Z: 30 bicep curls


How did you do?  Tag @hbgcommunity and use the hashtags #hbggirls and #hbgblog.  I'm excited to hear about how your Name Challenge was this week. 

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