Push-Up Challenge

Alexa Brown

Yay! You made it through the wall sit challenge last week!  Are you ready for another intense challenge this week?  Pushups are great for strengthening, toning and building your chest strength while also working your core.  With all exercise, it is important to find perfect form.  While doing pushups this week, start by making sure your arms are wider than your shoulders.  Then, maintain a properly aligned spine and keep your abs pulled in towards your spine while you are working.  Lead with your chest and try to explode away from the floor to really get your heart rate up!  If you need to, you can always come down to your knees to modify.  Keep me updated on your progress by tagging @hbgcommunity and using the hashtags #hbggirls and #hbgblog. 

Happy working out!!

Monday - 15 pushups

Tuesday - 20 pushups

Wednesday - 25 pushups

Thursday - 30 pushups

Friday - 35 Pushups

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