Running Essentials

Alexa Brown


Alright, I don't love running, but I do get out there and do it sometimes.  If I am going to run, I prefer to be outside and enjoy the sun and scenery.  Living in Arizona, it is easy to run outside because the weather here is so amazing.  Well, except during the summer.  Then, the weather is miserably hot and there is no way you will see me running.  You don't really see anyone running that time anyways unless it's inside in the air conditioning on a treadmill.  Which is fine too, you can run on the treadmill if you prefer it or live somewhere that you can't run outside easily.  Actually, a lot of people I know prefer to run on a treadmill.  No matter how you like to run, I have a list of essential items that get me through my run.  I figured if you are like me and need a little motivation to get through, here's what you need!

1. Music!!  A great playlist can get me through any workout.  Put on a fast, upbeat songs and keep going.

2. Running Shoes.  This is probably one of the most important components to enjoying your run.  Find the perfect shoes for you feet.  Have you ever started running only to stop because your feet hurt?  I have!  Until, I took the time to get the right running shoes. It truly makes a world of difference and is so worth it.

3. Water!  I always carry some water with me in a water bottle that has a strap around my hand.  Then, I am not really having to grip anything while I am running but have water readily available.  Plus, I have a bottle that I have to squeeze water out so I am not dumping water all over myself while running.  I've certainly done that before while drinking from a plastic water bottle.

4. Comfortable Clothing.  Cotton gets heavy and wet when you are sweating, try a fabric that evaporates the sweat and leaves you feeling comfortable and cool.

5.Supportive Sports Bra.  Along with all the other essentials I've listed, this one is just as important. 

6. Tracking Device.  I love tracking my run, especially if I am outside.  If you are on a treadmill, this isn't as necessary because you can see your distance and pace on the screen.  I like seeing how far I have gone and what my heart rate is.  I run the same route so I like to see my improvements along the way.  They aren't always easy to see or feel during my run and my watch helps me see how I am getting stronger every time!

Making sure you have all of these essentials is the perfect way to begin your run.  That way, you have no excuse to stop! You have all the items to a successful run so get out there and go for a run! 

Do you have any other essentials when you run?  Please share them with me by tagging @hbgcommunity and use the hashtags #hbgblog and #hbggirls! 

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