Crunch Challenge

Alexa Brown

Let's do a workout to get our abs to feel the burn this week. Abdominal crunches are a great to effectively target your abdominal muscles.  Before we get to the workout, I want to go over a few things to keep in mind when doing your exercises this week.  When working out, form is so important to ensure you are getting the correct muscles to work and to prevent injuring yourself.  Here are a few tips to do crunches correctly:
1. Relax your neck and shoulders.  Let your abdominal muscles do all of the work.
2. Work slowly, allow your muscles to do the work in lifting your upper body instead of your momentum.  
3. Keep your muscles squeezing tightly even as you lower to the floor.  Always keeping your abs engaged and working.
Use those tips while working this week.  Here is the number of crunches I challenge you to complete each day.
Monday - 25 crunches
Tuesday - 45 crunches 
Wednesday - 65 crunches
Thursday - 85 crunches 
Friday - 100 crunches - You can do it!  If you need to take a break and do them in sections.  If you can, try to do 100 consecutive crunches.   

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