Valentine's Challenge

Alexa Brown

Grab a partner and complete this workout!  I created a fun partner challenge for all of us.  You can do it with anyone you want to.  Valentine's Day is this week so I though it would be fun to workout with your who you are celebrating Valentine's Day with.  I know some of you may be single, so grab a friend!  Grab your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend, co-worker, cousin, neighbor and the list goes on and on!  I am going to do it with my husband, my mom and some friends on different days.  That way, I can mix it up and have a different person pushing me each day.  Find someone you want to help push you to complete this workout.


Wall Sit - Back to Back - 60 seconds

Plank and Fist Bump - 60 seconds

Reverse Crunch Leg Throw - 60 seconds

Russian Twist Ball Toss - 60 seconds

Burpees - 60 seconds

Partner 1: Mountain Climbers - 60 seconds

Partner 2: Glute Bridges - 60 seconds

*For the partner 1 and partner 2 exercises, partner 1 will complete mountain climbers first and then switch to glute bridges.  Partner 2 will complete glute bridges and then mountain climbers.  Then, the round is over!

Complete 4 rounds of this!

Take a 1 minute rest between rounds.


Now go eat a delicious meal to celebrate Valentine's Day!  Have an amazing week!

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