Word Challenge

Alexa Brown

I created a fun challenge for you this week!  I have actually used it before, but I wanted to bring it back because it is so fun.  I thought it would be awesome to spell your favorite word that encourages you.  Here are some examples that I was thinking of, CHAMPION, EMPOWER, CONFIDENCE, SELF-WORTH, BEAUTIFUL, SELF-LOVE, SELF-ACCEPTANCE, STRONG, POWERFUL and so many, many more.  It is completely up to you and you can change it up every day if you want to.  Have so much fun!

A: 5o jumping jacks

B: 40 squats

C: 1 minute wall sit

D: 15 burpees

E: 20 crunches

F: 40 mountain climbers

G: 90 second plank

H: 10 burpees

I: 3 minute wall sit

J: 50 bicep curls

K: 1/2 mile run

L: 15 push-ups

M: 10 crunches

N: 15 squats

O: 60 second arm circles

P: 30 jumping jacks

Q: 20 burpees

R: 10 push-ups

S: 10 tricep push-ups

T: 60 second plank

U: 30 crunches

V: 90 second arm circles

W: 50 mountain climbers

X: 20 tricep dips

Y: 1/4 mile run

Z: 30 bicep curls


How did you do?  Please comment below and tell me what you decided to spell for you workout!  Can't wait to hear from you! 

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