Yoga Core Challenge

Alexa Brown


We are going to slow things down a little this week and try a yoga challenge.   Have you ever done yoga? I have and really enjoyed it.  It is a much different challenge for my body than what I am used to.  I found that I can really get into the zone when doing yoga because I have to focus so much on what my body is doing!  I actually did hot yoga for a little while a long time ago. It felt so great when I completed the class, but what a challenging hour.  Anyway, let's try this yoga challenge this week.  If you are not familiar with the poses, just google them really quick and you will see what they are.  I am going to do this each morning, it feels like a great way to start my day, but you can do it anytime your day allows for your workout!

Here are the poses, try to hold each pose for 45 seconds before moving on to the next one.

Crow Pose

Triangle Pose

Warrior 3

Star Plank

Tree Pose

Boat Pose

Windshield Wiper


Bird Dog

Lotus Pose



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